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Don't Worry, Be Happy is the latest single by Dr. Dave® from his newest album Carefree. You can find Carefree on iTunes.

Dr. Dave® features his distinctive guitar artistry on Carefree - the 11 track CD with special guests Cecil McBee Jr., Kevin Flournoy, Rob Whitlock, Ronnie Stewart, Duncan Moore, Kevin Koch, Tommy Aros, Bill Harris, John Rekevics, Steve Wilcox, Hank Easton and Mike Harris. This album was recorded at Signature Sound Recording Studio in Southern California.

Other albums by Dr. Dave include Guitar Island, a mellow and romantic introduction to the music and spirit of Dr. Dave®. After several years in Brazil and Europe he is home at last. This international recording artist offers a listener friendly Jazz interpretation for a well established adult audience. The debut single, Guitar Island, is a strong fit across several formats targeting an active and attentive 25-54 and 35-64 demographics.

Dr. Dave® has amassed an impressive library of recordings and returns to the studio soon. He often plays using Gibson guitars and Evans Custom Amps. You can look forward to frequent releases for many years.

In his book Dr. Dave® says, "Often music touches people in ways that words alone cannot. God made you unique. May you see what God meant you to be and then have the courage to act on it." Writing is another artistic direction Dr. Dave®, A.K.A. Dr. David Hatherill has explored as a gifted musician and profound philosopher. Dr. Dave® is the author of the book Hatherillisms. Philosophies for Living. He holds a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology.

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